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  From 2D to 3D the first steps
  1. Create the design
  1.1 load/import the 2D Template

Open or import the 2D-Demo-Template with your existing graphic or signsoftware.
Use the AI or the CDR file from the MR 3D-Designer projekt folder.

...\Programme\MR-3D Designer v.12\Projects\!mr-clipart\mb0817.*

The template will be open like picture 1.1.
The different colors will help you to find the views where you can place your design. 1.2 - 1.3

Picture 1.1
Picture 1.2
Picture 1.3
  1.2 2D Design

Use this template in your existing software for your drawings.
Change the color of the body, add text, logos, images ...
Design the car however you like, but dont change the position of the views or the text.

Save you design in the project folder as mb0817-demo-design.*

After you have finished your design you can use this file as your production file.

Picture 1.4
  1.3 Export as bitmap file        
  Export the whole file as an bitmap file. Picture1.5

You can use one of the foloing fileformats: BMP, JPG, PNG, PCX, TGA or TIF. Please take care that you use the RGB colormode for the export.

Save this file in the project folder as mb0817-demo-design:

...\Programme\MR-3D Designer v.12\Projects\!mr-clipart\mb0817\
Picture 1.5
  2. 3D presentation        
  2.1 Open the 3D Programm and import the bitmap
  Open the MR 3D-Designer

Hit the Button load project in the menue bar or use >File >Load

The dialog window load objekts will be opened.

Select the file mb0817.cmo from the folder mb0817.
Picture 2.1
  Now the 3D model is indicated in the four viewports. Picture 2.2  
Picture 2.2
  Button Material
Hit the Button Material or use >Object >Material/Color in the menuebar

The dialog Material/Color/Textures opens. Picture 2.3

Picture 2.3
  On the right side is the materialbrowser with all used materials in this project. Hit the material design. Picture 2.3   Materialbrowser
Picture 2.3

In the middle of the dialog you can change the textures of this material. Hit the button color.jpg

Picture 2.4
  Select your design export mb0817-demo-design.

Now you can see a preview of your desing in the left viewport.
  3D designer 3
Picture 2.5
  2.2 finish the 3D presentation
  Render Scene F
Hit the button Render Final or use the shortcut "S".
In the popup window your presentation is renering.

Save this image as BMP-, JPG-, PNG-, PCX-, TIF- or TGA-Format.
Now you can print it or send it via email to your customer.
  2.3 Render an animation    

Render Scene Animation
For an quick preview of the animation hit the button Render Scene Animation or use the shortcut "Shift + "S".

If you like the position and the placement of your desing start with the final renering.

Final Animation Rendern
Hit the button Render Final Animation or use the shortcut "Shift + "F".

If the animation rendering is finished save this file as an AVI File Now you can send it to your customer via email.