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Design of side- and rear windows

Design of side- and rear windows

Return to your design-, graphic- or sign making application.

Place a logo, some text or a picture on the rear window of this example.

Export the design as a Bitmap file into the directory where all the other project-related files are saved.


Adapt transparencies to your needs

Open or import the file "trans.ai" from the same directory.

With this file you can decide which parts of the vehicle are transparent. Even the percentage of the transparency can be set here.

- White = 100% transparency

- 50% black = 50% transparency

- 100% black = no transparency

For the next step simply copy the logo or images into the Trans-File. .

Place the logo exact at the same position and colour the logo 100% black to avoid any transparency. In the case that the logo or images should have any kind of transparency, simply choose a number between 10 and 90% black .

Now export this file as a Bitmap File (for example trans.jpg) into the same directory as usual..

Switch back to the MR 3D-Designer and import the "trans.ai" you have just exported by using the short-key STRG+R or through the Material browser.

If you start the rendering again, the logo or picture will be shown opaque and it even throws a shadow into the vehicle model.