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Smart laser measurement solution for all kinds of industries and professional use

Spike allows you to quickly measure an object, simply by taking a photo with your Spike-equipped mobile phone or tablet device.

From that photo, you can capture real-time measurements including height, width, area, length and even the target location at any time, whether in the field or later on at the office, without having to revisit the object.

Even your co-workers can capture measurements from that photo, by using cloud-based tools on their desktop without any Spike device at hand.

Video clip: SPIKE in action


  • Mobile on-site measurement for sign
    writers, painters, varnishers and
  • Measure any given advertising space
  • Measure storefront areas, including
    gables, for scaffolding and painting
  • Measure installation height
  • Object distance up to 200 m (600 ft)

Join the revolution

The incredible flexibility provided by the Spike measurement solution turns out to be a game changer for many industries.

Remarkably enough, Spike took top honors among exhibitors in the Inventors Spotlight with the UIA Pinnacle Award from the 2017 National Hardware Show, for being the best product in the show.

Spike is ideal during the initial site survey and measurement process. You can simplify site surveys and estimates by easily measuring the dimensions of a sign or location for a new sign without helping hands, checklists, ladders or bucket trucks. Not only can you save time and money on site surveys with Spike, but by turning estimates around faster, you can also win more jobs.

Once connected to the web, Spike pictures can be pushed to the cloud, almost instantly allowing your co-workers to access measurements and send out estimates. Have a glance at the Gordon Sign experts' success stories for yourself.

Constant Innovation

The Spike System keeps increasing value by updates to the Spike App, supporting and enhancing the userīs workflow even more. Recently, two of those updates arroused remarkable attention.

Lock Rectangle Tool

As most users often tend to measure rectangular or square shapes, the "Lock Rectangle" Switch enables you to do so in the quickest possible way.

Eliminate Perspective Distorsion

To be able to showcase their work to customers, especially designers often like to start drawings based on exported Spike Photographs.

Most often, this requires complex preparations to have the pictureīs target plane aligned to the documentīs working layer, ideally also matching the documentīs dimension unit.

The Spike App now can automatically apply all those conversions. Just export and go on using your pictures. A great feature which will save designers lots of time. All subscribers to the optional, brand new Spike Cloud Pro Plan can seamlessly use this feature from their Spike App.


The Spike App supports more than 10 additional languages. Just update to or install the latest Spike App from App Store/Play Store, and your device's language will be used without any further configuration.

» Quick download: Spike Manual (english)

Languages available:

Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian,
Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish

Body Versions

Besides the compact plain body model, recommended for sticking Spike on a hard, flat surface of a tablet or smartphone case, we also offer a new body version extended with a clamp, ideal for quickly attaching Spike to any smartphone.


The Spike device pairs with your compatible smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Spike's laser rangefinder works together with your smartphone's camera, GPS, compass and Internet connection.

Operating System (OS) requirements are:

  • Apple iOS devices running iOS 8.0 or later
  • Android devices running Android 4.4 or later

Your device must also support Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Device Feature Compatibility

Spike works with commercial Google Android and Apple iOS Smartphones and Tablets. Please check this list of recommended devices that have gone through camera calibration procedure and provide the highest level of accuracy.

Model Photo
Point to 
APPLE iPad Mini 2, 3 X !! X
iPad Mini 4 X X X
iPad 3, 4, 5 X !! X
iPad Air 1, Air 2 X X X
iPad 9.7" since 3rd generation X X X
iPad PRO 9.7" - 12.9" X X X
iPod Touch 5 with camera X !! -
iPhone 4s X - -
iPhone 5 X X X
iPhone 5s, 5c X !! X
iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus X X X
iPhone 7, 7 Plus   X X X
iPhone 8, 8 Plus X X X
iPhone SE X X X
iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR X X X
ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 X - -
ZenPad Z8 !! - -
ZenPad Z10 X X X
GOOGLE Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, also XL   X X X
HTC One M8, One Mini, U11 X - -
iNEW L1 X - -
KYOCERA Dura Force PRO 2 X X X
LG V20 X - -
MOTOROLA   Moto G, Moto X XT1052, XT1053 !! - -
6, 6P, 7 X !! X
SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 Prime X - X
Galaxy Note 3, Note 5 X !! X
Galaxy Note 4, Note 8, Note 9 X X X
Galaxy S4 X - X
Galaxy S4 Mini X - -
Galaxy S5, S5 Active X X X
Galaxy S5 Mini X !! X
Galaxy S6, S7 (also 6/7 Edge) X X X
Galaxy S8+, S8 Active, S8 Edge X X X
Galaxy S9+, S9 X X X
Galaxy Tab 4 (new) !! - X
Galaxy Tab 4 (old), Tab A, Tab E !! - -
Galaxy Tab Active, Tab Alpha !! - X
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 !! - X
Galaxy Tab S2, Tab S3 X !! X
Galaxy Tab S4 X X X
QUANTA Ellipsis 8 X - -
SONY Xperia Z1 X - X
STANLEY Mobile S231 X - -

X ) Features supported
!! ) Feature supported with reduced accuracy due to limited hardware capabilities
- ) Feature not supported


This offer is exclusively available for customers from european countries.

This offer is exclusively available for customers from EMEA countries.

Customers from countries listed below please use these links to place an order with our affiliates.

Country Affiliate
CH - Schwitzerland Seyffer CCW
DK - Denmark Vikiallo
FI - Finland Seri-Deco
NL - Netherlands Tripa
NO - Norway Conceptas
PL - Poland Szkola Aplikacji i Reklamy

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