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Sign Design Concepts Vol. 1

General description

The Sign & Design Concepts Volume 1 contains 30 full-coloured and pre-designed layouts for the creation and production of customized signs and letterings.

Each of the 30 layouts has several variations of the designed logo. To offer a customized Corporate Identity the logos have been adjusted on various signs, banners, vehicle templates and much more.

All texts in text form and all used fonts are required in True-Type format.

The sizes and colours of all layouts can be easily changed.

The Adobe Illustrator files can be easily opened or imported into any other and common Design and Signmaking programs.

The key benefits

- 30 editible logo images

- 100 % vinyl-ready

- incl. all fonts

- Adobe Illustrator Format

- CASmate Format

- FlexiSign Format

- GraphixAdvantage Format

- SignLab Format

- Vinyl Express Format


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