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Vehicle templates on your iPad

Now you can design vehicle letterings on your iPad - at home, at work or on the road with your clients.

Just download an SVG format template via our website and send it to your iDraw app. Sketch your ideas, take down notes and measurings, and start designing just like you would do in similar applications like Illustrator or CorelDraw. Send finished designs as email to your clients, or send them to your Mac or PC for further refinements.

Create vehicle letterings on your iPad


Vehicle lettering design on your iPad using iDraw.

Duration: 3:00 minutes


  • Detailed vehicle outlines scaled 1:20
  • Vektorgraphics for apps like iDraw
  • Passenger cars, trucks, vans, pickups, buses, SUVs
  • 5 views, including aerial view
  • Providing detail like door openers, fuel caps, rails etc.
  • Layered drawings for maximum flexibility
  • Prepared for 3D processing
  • Suitable for 1:1 editing and iDraws measuring tool

System requirements

  • iPad 1/2/3
  • iOS from 5.0
  • iTunes or Dropbox
  • indeeo iDraw App

    not contained within this offer - fetch on indeeo Website

Unleash your iPad's power as a tool for planing, designing and presenting vehicle letterings.

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