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 Car 'n Truck Collection
 How to work with the files from the Car 'n Truck Collection.
How to load or import files
How to solve problems with importing files
If you recognize mistakes
 Loading or importing files
File formats / scales

All vehicle templates are sorted by manufacturer, model and modelyear. Further details you can take from the survey on the CD.
If you want to start working with templates just start your software and open or import the desired file directly from the CD-ROM.

Standard File-Format

Adobe Illustrator Format (AI)

One of the most common and professional, high-quality format currently available for Windows and MacIntosh platform. This format is supported by most graphic- and signmaking programs.
Please refer to the manual of your graphic- or signmaking application how to import AI / EPS-files.

 Known problems with importing files


If you receive the message "One or more objects have the same colour as the background" on the screen simply click on OK.

Graphix Advantage

In the composer click on IMPORT and choose Encapsulated Postscript (EPS). IMPORTANT: In the options-menue you have to deactivate IGNORE STROKE DATA and USE PROCESS COLOURS. Choose the desired file and click on CONVERT.

SignLab Windows

When importing files make sure the SHOW LINE WIDTH - option in the OPTION-Menue is selected.

 If you recognize mistakes

Though the templates were digitized with the greatest care it is possible that there appear mistakes.

In this case it would be important for us that you keep us informed about the mistake, so we can solve the problem and send you the corrected file asap!