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 Online-Shop FAQ
Information about Online Shopping

What is the MR Online-Shop?

How to order products?

How to delete single products from the shopping basket?

Why does MR needs my e-mail address?
 What is the MR Online Shop?
The MR Online-Shop makes it really easy to order all products shown and described on this web site.
New products will be added constantly.
 How to order products?
It is really simple. First you have to find the desired image on this web site. Then click on "Add to basket" and the image or CD, whatever you searched for, will be added to your personal shopping basket. Click on the symbol "Basket" to see the actual content.
Then click on "Do you want to order now? Click here". Now you have to add your complete address incl. e-mail address and some more information concerning the method of payment.
Just before the order will be sent to us, a summary of your order will be displayed on the screen. You can print this as your order confirmation.
As soon as we received your order by e-mail or fax, a detailed order confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.
 How to delete a product from the shopping basket?
To delete a single product from your shopping basket, simply replace the amount shown under "Quantity" with 0. Then click on the button "Re-Calculate" at the bottom of the page.
 Why does MR needs my e-mail address?
It is important to type-in your e-mail address with each order because we send you an order confirmation by e-mail. MR does neither use your e-mail address for direct-mailings nor gives any of your personal data, without your allowance, to any third party. Please type-in your e-mail address as shown here: sample@sample.com